Want to help support Mayfield Primary School? Come along to any of our events, support us by volunteering your time, ask your workplace to support us or donate any time through Just Giving.

Support our library

The library is a fantastic resource and we are really lucky to have such an amazing space for our children to grow their love of reading.

Thank you to those of you have donated books to the school over the years - we've had a great selection given to the school which is fantastic! There are a few books that are really in demand and so the school librarian has put together a wishlist of books that she would love to see added to the library's stock.

If you're buying books or shopping on Amazon, please consider buying one of these for the school, it would be hugely appreciated!

Don't forget, when you're buying on Amazon a percentage of your spend can be donated straight to school by signing up to EasyFundraising (details below). It's free money for the school!

Donate while you shop online

Did you know when you shop online you could be raising funds for the school? Yep, just sign up to EasyFundraising and start your shopping journey from there and a percentage of what you spend will go to the school. 

Whether you're doing your weekly shop, booking a holiday, shopping for household items or even buying train tickets, you could be donating to the school without spending any extra money yourself.

Follow these simple steps:

There are over 7,000 registered retailers, including, Amazon, Argos, John Lewis and The Works. All the major supermarkets are on there too so even your weekly shop can help our school!

It's an easy way for extended family and friends to help - please spread the word!


We have recently set up a JustGiving profile for the PTA meaning you can now make anonymous donations to the school. 

Donations through JustGiving can be used for:

Get stuck in

Donating money is not the only way to contribute; donating your time is just as valuable - it all helps our school become an even better place.

There are loads of ways you can help - and you can dip in and out of these projects and still make a real difference to Mayfield life. 

If you feel you have a skill that could benefit the school and the PTA, please get in touch.

Or if you'd like to help support specific fundraising projects, visit our Projects page for more information.

Ask your company to help

Whether it's supporting you to volunteer or helping the school by providing goods or a service, your employers can help the school grow. 

Here are some ideas of how your employer could help:

These are just examples - if you think your employer can help us, please contact us