PROJECTS - what are we raising money for?

The PTA has a number of projects we are working towards that have been agreed with the school. 

You can help by donating to these specific projects or by attending (or volunteering at) our events - every penny counts and we are really grateful for all donations made.  

Schools are under immense financial pressure and Mayfield is no different. We've worked closely with the staff at the school to gain an understanding of the pressure points they face and where the PTA can help.

The result of these conversations is to approach our funding allocation focused on four core areas: 

Classroom allocation

FUNDED - approximately £125 per class 

Supports: All school years

Delivery estimate: throughout the academic year

Raised from our Bake Sale events, this bucket of funds enables classroom teachers to use the funds given in whatever way they feel best suits their class. 

We'll let you know details on exactly what was purchased, but last year it included things like caterpillars, art supplies, glue sticks, history timelines, seeds and compost, clocks and marble treat goodies. 

Experience days

FUNDED - £1,800

Supports: All school years

Delivery estimate: Summer term 2023/24

A Kapla experience day allows children to work collaboratively to create something that reaches across Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths! 

We're funding three sessions that will take place in the summer term. All year groups will get involved. Watch this space for more info!

What does a Kapla day look like? Watch a time-lapse video here

TARGET - £5,000

Supports: All school years

Delivery estimate: 2024/25 academic year

We are working closely with Mrs Stepney, Mr Atkinson and the Subject Leads to develop a range of experiential programmes for academic year 2024/25. These will be aligned to the curriculum to enhance your children's engagement and knowledge.

SUbject Enhancement

FUNDED - approx £5,000

Supports: All school years

Delivery estimate: throughout the academic year

We have committed to support learning across the school by allocating funds to each of the core curriculum subject areas. 

The subject leads are now planning how to spend these funds and will come back to us soon with detail on how it's been used! We'll keep you updated.

Sprucing up the school grounds

FUNDED - approx £500

Supports: All school years

Delivery estimate: ready for the summer term of swimming!

Each summer term our school pool opens for business. And each year there is a bit of maintenance work needed to get it fit for use. Last year we supported the school by supplying paint for the pool lining walls, this year the pool needs a new pump. We are happy to support this project which really does benefit everyone across the school!


Supports: All school years

A group of staff, PTA and parents are running the Cambridge Half Marathon to raise money to improve the school changing areas. From areas that need a new roof, to painting and general repair - what we can achieve will depend on how much we raise. 

If you'd like to support this project, please consider sponsoring the runners!

TARGET - £500

Supports: All school years

Thanks to the EIP bid, we are awaiting delivery of some fantastic new raised beds to increase our school biodiversity. We are looking to raise funds to boost the amount of planting we can do in these beds, helping to improve the outdoor school environment for everyone.

Additional projects

FUNDED - £650

Supports: Year 6

It's with mixed feelings that we say farewell to our Year 6's: excited for their next chapter, sad to see them leave Mayfield. 

We support the Year 6 Leavers by supplying them with memory books of their time at Mayfield and gifting them Leavers T-shirts.

FUNDED - £200

Supports: All year groups

Each year the school celebrates the most improved reader in each year group. We support this by giving the school money to award prize books to those readers.

Academic year 2022/23

committed to helping with day-to-day needs

Target - £1,500

Supports: All areas of the school

We're aware that whilst the above "big ticket" projects are nice to have, the school still needs support in providing a range of day to day items. We therefore give the money raised at our ever-popular Bake Sales to the class teachers to spend on the things they need every day. These are things like:


Target - £1,000

Supports: All areas of the school

There are many benefits to outside spaces in education. We want all Mayfield children to enjoy their outdoor activities and this fund will help across the school year groups with projects including: